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Hi, I would like to ask some questions regarding this build and what advice you can give me.

1. Is buying a GTX 760 better than buying an R9 270X? R9 270X is slightly cheaper than the GTX 760. Some websites say that the GTX 760 is better while others say it's R9 270X that's better. But I want to know which one will perform better in applications particularly in Illustrator,, AutoCAD, and Sketchup. If only I can afford an NVIDIA Quadro.

2. Should I buy 120 GB SSD? or just get a 1TB HDD? I cannot buy both because my budget's limited. I mentioned above the applications that I'll be using.

3. I will be getting an i7-4790, ASRock H97M Pro4 mATX mobo, Gskill 1x8GB DDR3 @ 1600 MHz, with a Thermaltake New Litepower 500W PSU inside an NZXT Phantom 410 Mid-tower case.

Would you give me some advice? It'll be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

1. While I have no experience with those specific cards, I have always got better performance from a Geforce card (Nvidia).
2. 1TB HDD- The prices have not come down enough yet on SSD drives to make it more of a value. Old Hdd's still have a long life span. You can always go to SSD in the future when the size to price comparison gets better.
3. Not sure if your asking me if that is a good case, etc.? There is a basic answer I can give that will apply to every build. The case should have plenty of fan slots and, for maximum cooling, I would try to fill every slot with a fan. Fans are not that expensive and a cool computer is a happy computer. I always like the configuration of 2 fans pulling air in from the front and 2 pushing it out the back.

Let me know if I can help further.

Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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