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I know an IDE Data Belt for an IDE Hard Drive has 40 Pin connectors.

But am I right that it comes in Two types a 40 Wire Belt and an 80 Wire Belt?

I am unsure what you mean by "IDE belt" but if you're referencing a PATA ribbon cable, there are 40-wire and 80-wire variants. The 80-wire variants carry 40 additional ground contacts to reduce crosstalk; this was introduced with UDMA/33, and required for UDMA/66 and above to operate correctly. Externally they will appear the same (as they still use a 40-pin connector), however the internal wiring is different. There is no problem using a modern 80-wire cable with older PATA hardware, however with more modern UDMA/100 and 133 PATA drives, there will be problems with using a 40-wire cable. Generally you should use 80-wire cables as a result, to ensure compatibility (it is also very likely that any PATA cables still sold today will be 80-wire).


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