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I look on the internet and found
DMi 1.0 Speed is 10Gbps both ways on 4 lanes.

DMi 2.0 Speed is 20 Gbps both ways on 4 lanes.

But DMi 3.0 say it's Speed is  8GTps but what is this?
How many Gbps is this both ways?

As far as I am aware Intel has not released DMI 3.0 compliant parts yet (they are part of the "Skylake" family of unreleased hardware), and the specification is not fully published as a result. The value you're seeing there is GT/s - GigaTransfers per second, which is not directly relatable to Gbps. You would need to know the word length in order to make a usable bandwidth calculation out of GT/s. By itself, "8 GT/s" is essentially a meaningless value as a result. Ultimately this bandwidth is also nothing to worry about, as DMI is only providing a connection between the CPU and PCH, and the PCH is generally itself connecting to comparatively low speed/low bandwidth devices like hard-drives, network controllers, and so forth. Once the "Skylake" hardware is better announced, and finally released, bandwidth specifications for DMI 3.0 will very likely be readily available online if you're so interested though.


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