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I have win7 and if I use CDBurnXP program or anyother program I can Burn Data to my Blank DVD.

But if I just put the DVD in the Drive and let Win7 window open it asks if I want to Burn Files to disk.

If I click ok and give it a name and drage\ my files to the window and click Burn win7 start to Burn it.

Then the Graph Prograss Bar goes away and my DV Drive spins very very very fat and even if I leave it fore 60 Min. and come back it wont stop or open the Drive.

I have to shutdown the system to open the Drive.

But like I say if I use anyother program to Burn Data to the Disk it goes and Burns it but I have this problem with Win7 trying to Burn the Disk.

Now I know I can just use anyother program since I know it works.

But how can I fix Win7 and make it Burn Files.

Is there maybe something I am missing?

This is kind of ironic. The same thing happened to me back in the XP days. I could never burn any kind of disk (that was playable) with a windows program. It was easier to use some free burning software rather than troubleshoot the problem. One of my favorite free burning programs is Ashampoo. I'm Not sure what version they are up to now but I use 6. It works fine with win7 32 bit.

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