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I have win7 and a sata2 Hard Drive and it is Exturnale USB 3.0 and it is making a Low BUZZ.

I Ran  chkdsk onb it and the report says it Cleanedup 2 Files and this is it.
And no Bad Sectors.

Is there any Free programs that can Run a Test to see if the Macanics are going Bad?

I just answered your other question but I guess you figured out how to run chkdsk. Chkdsk is a physical drive checker. Have you checked to see if everything is tight? Most external drives are just hard drives mounted in an enclosure. You can even buy the enclosures. Except for solid state drives all hard drives spin inside. The buzz could be the enclosure instead of the drive itself. It could also be the outer "shell " of the drive. With it unplugged look for screws and make sure they are tight. Send me the make and model of the drive and I can better direct you on how to check it  

Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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