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QUESTION: I have Win7 64Bit and I have a USB 3.0 Exturnale SATA2. Drive Bay.
It Holds Four Drives and they are just used one by one.

Can I use a RAID Program to set them up in a RAID Type?

I was looking at SnapRAID it is FREE but it was a Command Line program not GUI.

ANSWER: Software RAID is generally not something I would suggest, especially for a USB device. Performance and reliability will be significantly inferior to that with a hardware controller, especially if you're using consumer-grade hard-drives. If you're hoping to maintain some degree of data integrity, I would suggest just storing multiple copies of the same files on each disk in the enclosure. That way, if something goes wrong with a disk, or the enclosure, the data is much more likely able to be recovered. There are Windows applications that can automate this file copying and backup - Windows Backup and Restore is included with Windows 7, and would be likely the easiest place to start.


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QUESTION: Thank you for getting back to me.

I have just my C: Drive in my System and it has my Win7 Home Premium,e 64Bit.

One of my Exturnale Drives has my Videos and Photos and Music and I have another Exturnale Drive I want to Mirror all the Videos and Music and Photos to.

So I watched a Video that says go into Devicemanager and select the Drive with the Data you want to have Mirrored and Right click it.
I do and I just see two options    Strippet and  Spann.

These are RAID 0. I want RAID 1. witch is Merror.

Am I right RAID Merror is not an option because I am useing Exturnale Drives?
And if I had these Drive Inturnale to my System then I would see a Merrror option with the Strip and Spann?

External enclosures can support RAID1, however not all of them do. What you're seeing is likely a limitation of the external enclosure itself. Given the data you're hoping to back-up, I would honestly just suggest copying all of it over to the other disk, as that will not only provide the redundancy you're looking for, but also protect against bad edits/modifications (for example if you accidentally damage a photo while editing it, you have an original copy on the other drive - RAID will not protect against that, but having multiple copies on multiple volumes would).


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