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QUESTION: I have Win7. Home Premiume 64Bit and I want to make a RAID 1. with Win7. doing it.
The only options I get are  Strip and Spann when I Right click the Drive I want to Ad to my RAID.
Can you help this is the Topic I was looking at and also YouTube videos.

ANSWER: I looked at the site because I have set up RAID before but not RAID 1 on one hard drive. The only thing that jumps out at me is compatibility. This is assuming you have followed the instructions correctly. This is one of the most important things:
"Any decent motherboard today will have a chipset whose hard drive controller will offer various levels of RAID. Using the chipset for RAID arrays is necessary if you intend to install the operating system on the array, like if you want a striped array (RAID 0) for performance, however a mirrored array can be implemented using the chipset or dynamically through Windows (other OS's do it too... I'm just focusing on Windows).

For the purposes of having a mirrored array, I strongly suggest building it through Windows instead of the chipset for the following reasons:

Portability - A Windows array will survive if you have to replace / upgrade your motherboard; a chipset array will most likely not survive a mobo upgrade (because the mobo will probably be using a different hardware controller).
Manageability - "Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions" is the Windows 7's GUI for managing your hard drives and volumes. It is much better than trying to use a seemingly out-dated text utility from the motherboard's chipset.
No Performance Hit - A true RAID controller (a separate expansion card; normally expensive) will offer superior performance for any RAID array, but considering the options available to you now, both the mobo's chipset and Windows offload the array functions to the CPU, and any speed difference is negligible. See this video comparing a striped array setup through various ways."

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: OK I am sorry this is what I want to do.

I want to take both my Exturnale Drive and make a RAID 1 witch is a Merror.

Both my Drives are 500GB each.

I have Win7 Home Premiume 64 Bit and I open Device Manager and Delete the Drives I want in my RAID 1.

Then I see them both at the bottom as Un Allocated.
I Right click on the First Drive to start makink the RAID and I see two options.
Strip   and    Spann    I do not see Merror.

I do want Windows to Controle my RAID like you say but I see no  Merrror option.

Is this because I am running win7 Home Premiume 64 Bit and not PRO?

I found out what it is. Part of what you said about Home Premium is true. This says it better than me
"RAID 1 (mirroring) is *not* a backup solution. RAID 1 uses two or
more drives, each a duplicate of the others, to provide redundancy,
not backup. It's used in situations (almost always within
corporations, not in homes),because the way it works is that if one drive fails the other takes
over seamlessly. Although some people think of RAID 1 as a backup
technique, that is *not* what it is, since it's subject to
simultaneous loss of the original and the mirror to many of the most
common dangers threatening your data--severe power glitches, nearby
lightning strikes, virus attacks, theft of the computer, etc. Most
companies that use RAID 1 also have a strong external backup plan in

The RAID I set up was in a corporate environment also. The best thing you could do is make sure you have a large enough external drive and do regular backups of your computer onto it. Keep the external drive in a fire proof safe or, even better at someone you trust's residence.

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