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Is it technically feasible to design and manufacture a Dual
sided Television set or PC Monitor ?.

Dual Sided - Front and Back of the TV or Monitor , the Display will be visible. The people viewing from the front as well as people who are sitting at the back side will be able to view TV programs channels or Computer programs.

If it is possible to construct, will there be demand in the consumer market for this products ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: I'm not sure I understand - do you mean basically a "see through" panel that is visible from both sides without one side being mirrored? If so I think that's probably not feasible. However in theory you could mount a pair of flat-screens (LCDs for example) "back to back" and send them the same video signal. Some airports and other busy areas do this for information displays. Here's a picture off the Internet that gives you an idea:

You can see the "back" of the other display, and it will be showing the same information as the display you can see (that says "Berlin" on it).

Mounting all of that in a single box/enclosure would be possible, but you probably wouldn't want to do anything too restrictive as it may overheat.

As far as demand, I couldn't say - that's a little out of my field.


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Is it possible to Construct dual Sided Television set?.

Real time channels viewing from Front and Back - Rear view?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

If you're meaning from a single display panel/device that can be viewed from both sides, no it is nothing I've ever heard of, and there would be significant hurdles to overcome to try and produce such a thing. If you think about a drive-in movie theater or some other projection setup, when you are behind the screen the image is "flipped" - you would have to somehow overcome this to use a single display panel/device that can be viewed from both sides. That is a much more academic/theoretical question that I'm not well qualified to answer. For a real-world installation, using two displays mounted back-to-back would achieve the same result, and is what is generally done in current configurations. To drive them with the same signal you would either need a source device that can output the same signal twice (e.g. a PC with dual outputs) or a proper splitter device (e.g. a 1x2 HDMI device). Some commercial large format displays (e.g. those from Samsung) also support this kind of functionality built-in, and can be "daisy-chained" together into a variety of configurations.


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