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Dear Bob

The Current fastest Desktop CPU
is running at 4.4GHZ clock speed.

Is it possible to design fastest Desktop CPU in future which will run thrice or twice the Current fastest clock speed of 4.4 GHZ ?.


Currently, if I'm not mistaken, the world-record holder for a production CPU sits at 5GHz, with the AMD FX-9590. The world-record holder for an overclocked CPU is somewhere around 9GHz ( maintains a fairly comprehensive records-keeping system: However, clock-speed does not necessarily equate to performance in a linear manner - the FX-9590 is not always the fastest processor on the market, and in some tasks lower-clocked processors will outperform it.

As far as scaling of clock frequency, yes it is likely that in the future we will see production CPUs cross the 10GHz barrier and beyond. However when this will happen is unknown and likely impossible to accurately predict. CPU clock scaling was relatively robust up until around 2003; between 1993 and 2003 CPUs scaled from around 50MHz to around 3200MHz. However between 2003 and today we have not seen nearly as significant a growth in actual clock speeds. This does not mean, however, that CPUs have not gotten significantly faster in that time period. However those improvements in performance have come as the result of optimizations in terms of how many operations the processor can complete in a single clock cycle, how many threads the processor can operate on at once, how efficiently the processor manages its memory, and so forth.


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