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QUESTION: I have an i3 CPU and 6 GB of DDR 3. RAM.
I have win7. 64Bit.

I have a 32 inch LCD TV.

I have my Computer going to my HDMi Port 1. on the TV.
And all shows up good and works.

Now my Cable Box is HDMi as well.
So I have my Cable Box HDMi going to my TVs HDMi Port 2. so I can  switch back and forth.

So went I want to watch my Cable I leave my Computer on and just switch to HDMi Port 2. and my Cable TV shows up.

Now after I am though watching my TV I switch back to HDMi Port 1. for my Computer.

But the screen just Blinks Blue and Black.

And I never turned off the Computer.

So I thought maybe the HDMi Plug coming from the PC was Loss.   So I unplugged it and as soon as I put the HDMi back in the Computers Desktop cam right on screen.

Now I know you should never unplug an HDMi cable if the Device is still on so I tried one other thing.

I put my Computer to Sleep from the start menu then I switch to HDMi 2. to watch my TV.

Then wen I go back to HDMi 1. for my Computer I just wake up my Computer.

And the Win7 Logo comes up and it says Waking up.
And my Display is Displayed.

So this tells me my TV just Losses the Signal then if I keep the Computer turned on and just switch HDMi Ports.

Because if I keep the Computer Sleeping then switch back to the Computers HDMi Port and wake it up every comes on the TV Great.

So I go into power options in win7. and Turn Display Off is set to NEVER.

And Sleep is set to NEVER.

I then go into Advanced and set wake Times to NEVER.

So all is set ok but my TV seems to loss the Computer Display wen I switch to other HDMi Ports and then try to switch back to the PC it just goes Blank.

And my Power Options on my TV have no SLEEP or anything like this.

Can you help?

ANSWER: If you've already set all of the computers timers to never turn the display off, the "problem" (as it were) is likely the TV not properly re-syncing with the HDMI connection (this could be an HDCP handshake issue, for example) - its unlikely there is a resolution apart from restarting the associated devices, and this is (believe it or not) a not uncommon occurrence with HDMI-connected components (and not just computers). Replugging the HDMI cable with everything on is not a problem - it is capable of being hot-plugged safely, and may be sufficient to re-initialize the display, but you may wear the mechanical connector out quickly with constant connection/disconnection. Alternately an HDMI switch (especially a powered/active model) may alleviate this issue as it may better maintain a connection with the display, but again this isn't guaranteed (nor is compatibility between assorted HDMI accessories guaranteed). Putting the PC into a standby/sleep state is most power efficient as well, and as you've determined that to work without issue, that is likely the route I'd continue on with.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the help.

I do have one more thing to ask.

I Ran chkdsk fro commend prompt as ADMIN.

With the switch   /F /R

This is what I do to try to find my Log File to read it.

But I can not find my Log?

Try this:

Generally running legacy applications from cmd in Vista and later can yield unpredictable results, as cmd does not offer the same level of functionality as it once did (e.g. under Windows 98).

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.


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