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I have win7 64Bit and I still get the Upgrade to win 10 or 11 Pop Up ontop of the System Clock.

When is this going to stop I thought they did away with giving away the new win system for FREE?

The Windows 10 free upgrade period lasts until July 2016 (it is a one year promotional period), however the "Windows 10 Update" applet will perpetually advertise Windows 10 to most all compatible Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 systems, and if your machine is new enough (based on Intel Skylake, for example) you will be forced to upgrade to Windows 10 in 2017 (currently Microsoft has stated there is no opt-out for these machines - - this is reported at numerous sources and I just grabbed a source near the top of my web search results; Microsoft's claim of "silicon incompatibility" is largely inaccurate and is yet another example of them hiding behind "technical limitations" to enforce licencing policy).

You can defeat the update notifier quite easily though: provides information about a freeware utility that can remove/modify the GWX applet, but I have not personally tested this method (HowToGeek generally suggests safe/clean software though) - the registry key section is of more interest, scroll down to "Icon still Won't go Away?"

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