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I request your advice & suggestions in purchasing a laptop for my work.
The purpose is mainly for work, for coding and also for ERP (SAP).
I am NOT good at hardware, hence I request your valuable suggestions in purchasing one.

The below mentioned Processors' models are the examples, just for the reference, they need not be the only ones to be listed in your suggestions (processor & laptop models).
So here it is.......

Comparison: Intel Core i5 and i7 processors
(6th generation)

Intel Core i7-6660U
Cache: 4 MB
Clock speed: 2.40 gigahertz
Cores/Threads: 2/4

Intel core i5-6267U
Cache: 4MB
Clock speed 2.90 gigahertz
Cores/Threads: 2/4

Intel Core i7 6500U
Cache: 4 MB
Clock speed: 2.50 gigahertz
Cores/Threads: 2/4

In the above mentioned Intel core i5 and i7 processors the parameters are almost similar with respect to Cores & Threads, Cache memory and clock speeds irrespective of other parameters, emphasizing on the performance factor.

So the question is, which one to choose among i5 and i7 with nearly similar parameters?

Intel core "i5" 6350 HQ, 6300 HQ, 6440 HQ
These all are "Quad" Core(physical) processors with 4 threads and almost similar clock speeds with same 6 MB cache memory.
      On the other hand, in comparison to the these mentioned Intel core i5 Quad Core processors, there are Intel core "i7 Dual Core" processors with a bit low in cache (4 MB) but equal number of threads(2 logical with HT) and nearly similar clock speeds.

So, the question is, which one to choose & what are the priorities? The Dual Core i7 or the Quad core i5?
Confusion between i7 & i5.
Intel i5 processor with a bit better parameters, or just the i7 processor with a little bit lower parameters?

Please clarify.
Also please suggest few models of laptops in the market today for the 4 July Independence deals, that will start any time now. ASAP.
Got to purchase one now, with a budget around $550-$650.
I am checking with Dell models, but please suggest any brand & model.

Early response is very much requested & appreciated.


ANSWER: There was time when I would have said assemble your own. That is not the way it is now. For what you do I would simply buy the best cpu and solid state hd I could afford from a high end manufacturer auch as dell or gateway. Stay away from cheaper models such as Acer. It is as simple as that. Get the best you can afford.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Firstly, thanks for answering.
I has an assembled desktop which is still working. But, when it comes to laptops, it is all the different game.
I am still as confused as I was in my previous mail to you.
I have an idea with individual parameters, but in combination I couldn't able to resolve the the issue, as which processor best suits my purpose.
I knew, it's not just a processor & it's few parameters on which one can finalize any system. There are many factors W.r.t various components to be considered with combination for a system.

I would be very much pleased if you have suggested the processors' models and also some of the laptop models that suits my purpose (even in Dell).

However, thanks again for the reply.
If possible please suggest the requested, or I shall request your advice once I choose few models and in finalising one.


I'm sorry I didn't read the question thoroughly. I would go with the quad core with as much RAM as the machine will hold. Dell is my first choice in manufacturers. I'll have to get back with you on a model number. It shouldn't be too hard to pick out what you need once you are on  

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