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I got 2. 64GB Micro SD Cards.

And I Format them in my Desktop win7 System.

One says Capacity of 64GB the other says 29. something GB.

But they both say 64 GB on the Cards?

They are both the same type and everything.

I just Order 2. of the same.

Why does the one Card say 64 GB on it but I can only Format it to 32GB?

It also say Capacity 32 GB.

This is a good one. I have two guesses. 1. The card is not 64 gigs it is 32 and some kind of mistake was made. 2. Try putting the cards in and clicking "explore" and see of the card is completely empty and there is not preinstalled software on it.
On another note, it is not required that you format the cards.
My first guess is probably right.
One other thing. With the cards in go to admin tools, disk management and see what it says the size is.

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