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Hello and good day.

I am a master student in the field of mechanical engineering. I have a project which requires me to determine the strength of a laminated composite structure. What I would like to know is how do I evaluate the strength of this composite structure.

I've read a few composite books and found out on these laminated composites failure criteria such as Tsai-Hill, Hoffman, Tsai-Wu, etc. However, these failure criteria are used to evaluate the strength of laminated composite plates.

What I am analysing is an aircraft hinge made of laminated composite. As you know, the hinge is not a plate. So, I was wondering how do I evaluate the structural integrity of this hinge. How do I know that the composite material is capable of withstanding the applied load.

For a monolithic metal, I can easily calculate the factor of safety of the hinge and decide whether or not the hinge can withstand the applied load. Since, laminated composite are orthotropic in nature, how do I calculate the factor of safety of the composite hinge?

Is there any other method to evaluate the structural integrity of the composite hinge beside calculating the factor of safety?

For the stress analysis, I am using FEA software (MSC Nastran).

This is a complex question, if I want to answer it in detail. To begin, if you do Nastran on Aluminum, how do you evaluate the safety factor? You compute the von Mises stress. Well, that is a failure criterion. The same for composites. You evaluate a failure criterion. Please dont use Tsai-Wu. It´s not good. You need to read my textbook.  

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