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Dear Dr. Barbero,

I have a very basic question if you don't mind.  I would like to know whether it is possible (and practical) with current technology to model and analyze 3D injection-molded, short-fiber-reinforced plastic structures.  If yes, I would like to know what types and combinations of products would be required to accomplish this goal.
For example, we currently have licenses to Abaqus and Moldflow, and are considering acquiring Converse.  I am concerned that these tools still may not be sufficient for our particular purposes, due to the fact that our structures are three-dimensional with discontinuous fiber reinforcement (we currently use tetrahedral elements and assume isotropic material properties).  It is my understanding that special composite elements would be required to properly model such structures and I am doubtful that such elements exist for this case.    

Thank you in advance for whatever information you can provide.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Kelly Londry
Senior CAE Engineer
Huf North America Automotive Parts Manufacturing Corp.

I am a bit out of my comfort zone with this question because I never attempted to do what you want to do. In general terms, you need 2 things. 1) a way to predict the orientation of the fibers, and 2) a way to put those orientations into the model. For #2 I know how to do with Abaqus but it is not trivial. For #1 I want to recommend someone else, but cannot put the contact info publicly here. Please contact me by email. Go to to reveal my email address and send me the question there. thanks.  

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