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QUESTION: sir, I am frabricated specimens of coir and epoxy with hand lay up method ,as per 30:70,40:60,50:50 weight fraction,suppose I have taken 10 gm fiber web,what are the resin weight for above mentioned ratios?

ANSWER: If you search my archived responses in this site you will find the answer because I have responded to this question before.
You need to know or measure the density of coir and epoxy.
The equations are easy.
The are in chapter 4 of my 2011 textbook.

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QUESTION: Dont mind sir,I does not get answer,density of coir fiber is 1.2gm/cm3 and density of epoxy resin is 1.1 gm/cm3.Can you tell me,for coir fiber and epoxy resin what should be range of mixing?

Use Eq. (4.8) in this textbook:
1/rho_c = W_f/rho_f + W_m/rho_m
where (c) composite, (f)fiber, (m) matrix.  

Try this site:
Create a DEMO account, and log in.
Then, go to this page:

There you need fiber volume fraction.
To convert from weight (W) to volume (V) fraction, use Eq. (4.9)
in this textbook:

W_f = rho_f/rho_c * Vf
W_m = rho_m/rho_c * Vm  

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