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I recently purchased a reading pillow that is stuffed with polyester fibers made from recycled plastic.  I noticed that there is an odor - which the company says comes from the fibers themselves.  Should polyester that is made this way smell at all - and it is it unhealthy (VOCs, etc.)?  It's possible that the manufacturer sprayed it or treated it with something, but I don't think that they do that with polyester pillows - and they said they didn't

I just want to make sure that it is safe to put our heads on this pillow, because we do have some sensitivities.

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there should be no volatile organic compounds in polyester pillow flock, but it is possible to be sensitive to the fibre cleaners or pillow casing itself.
I would suggest trying a pillow that states "hypo-allergenic" or perhaps try a buckwheat pillow.  Might be worth checking your laundry powder and suggest you dry pillowcases in drier, its very easy to get pollen on items hung outside to dry.

I hope this helps, I'm certainly no expert on allergies or pillows....i tend to work on composite manufacture items rather than commercial fibres.


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