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Looking for possibility to produce tube length 35 mm ,OD 2.7 mm ,ID 2.5 mm .
Ability to handle axial load up to 100 N without bending
Tapered end length is about 3 mm (could be adjusted) .Front hole is 2 mm diameter
2 funneled side holes 4 mm away from tapered end
Can you please outline for me approach/area of composites that can meet these requirements
Thank you

Hi Edward,

0.1mm wall thickess is pretty slim all right!

This equates to a single layer of 300gm/sqm e-glass fabric in wall thickness.

In your case, I'd suggest making the tube with 2 layers of carbon fibre, nop more than 200gm/sqm, very low crimp fabric suggested, one layer unidirectional (along the length) and one at plus/minus 45 degrees (or less angle if you can) and hope for the best.  Once the tube is constructed, it can then be cut into desired lengths and further machined to suit specs.

Pultrusion might be an option too, but I haven't seen a pultrusion die this small before.

If you can provide the intended use or further design details, I may be able to assist further.

Hope this helps,


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