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In which instances is the control of temperature, moisture or different emissions important and could be done with a barrier film?

Thank you very much!

it is important to keep raw materials dry,, this includes resins, dry cloths, pre-pregs and cores.
Ideally resins and dry cloth are stored and used between 18-23 deg Celsius and below 50% relative humidity.  Prepregs require a complete thaw prior to unwrapping and use.
All materials can be warmed or dried before use, and moulds are also best warmed before use.

barrier films can be used on top of laminates to ensure a complete and non-tacky cure.

what do you mean by emmissions?  is that the volatiles within the resin?  polyester and vinylester require these volatiles to cure (dont vacuum over 0.8 bar), epoxy can go full vacuum and positive pressure via autoclave.

i hope this helps?  happy to assist more if needed.


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