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Hi, my name is Mary, and I am in the sixth grade. I have a project on whether or not compost effects water quality (specifically the nutrients in the water). My project involves placing compost in a bin with water inside and waiting a period of time, then checking the water quality. I would like you to show me some pointers and things I should change/work on. Please note that I am still searching for a water quality device. Thanks in advance!

Hello Mary

I can't help you much in this area, as my Advice only applys to the making Of Compost, and what things affect the Speed and Quality of said Compost.

The only thing I can Think of that might be of use to you is, that Dirty Water, allowed to Filter though Compost, with the Compost acting as an Aquifer, meaning Purifier, would clean the water of Impurities. It would also add Nutrients back into the water, from the Decaying Compost. I know you would have to Prove that in your Project, but that is a Fact.

Sorry I wish I could be of more Help.


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