Dear Sir,

In our township, we have been provided with Pipe Compost pits for composting domestic wastes. Two PVC pipes of 200mm dia and 1.5 metre lengths has been installed in our back yard.

After filling the same with domestic wastes,we observe that the waste has converted into a molten material with thousands of short white worms on the surface and a septic tank like smell around.The composting condition is anaerobic.

After 45 days whether the compost would have got matured ? Whether such compost could be utilized directly as manure ? whether it would be hygenic ? We are afraid of the smell also.

Kindly advise.

Thanks & regards,

Babal Geoffrey.A

Hello Kerala

Greetings from Michigan USA.

Let me say I am very sorry for the delay in answering your question, I have been very busy, and away from my Computer.

The rules for success in Composting are basic and simple. From your description of what has happened, someting has gone wrong. The smell, as you say has turned Putrid, has a Disgusting smell. Oxygen has been deprived, the mixture of Carbon and Nitrogen is off, and the amount of water, is greater than needed.

What you put into a Composting system, determine's it's sucess. I have no idea, from your posting what has gone into this. 4 parts Brown matter <carbon> per 1 part Green matter <nitrogen> is the ideal mixture. This from the Issues you have told me has not been met. Since I have no idea what you have put into the mixture, I must assume, that something has gone wrong. It has turned into a "Muck". With "Muck" it will attract worms, which could be Maggots, or larve of Flies.

Can you turn the whole mixture over and try to get Oxygen into it? Is it so bad that you can't even stand the smell? If you can't, then I suggest a Bio-Enzyme product used to speed Decomposition in Septic Tanks. Since you are in India, I don't know what products are available to you. I would also suggest, that you do NOT use this waste, on anything you would consume.



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