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Composting/dumping food scraps into my flower bed


Why can't I dump food scraps directly into my flower beds, or around my Azaleas or Crapemyrtle or Hydrangias?  Or on the places where my Daffodils will come up?  Why do I have to turn the stuff over and over in a compost heap in order to use it?  I don't have time.  Especially dried pieces of bread, brocolli stalks, onion peels.  Thanks.

Hello Lana

The reason we Compost, instead of just throwing assorted scraps is as followed.

As matter Decomposes, it takes Nitrogen to complete the process. By throwing scraps into an area, as it decomposes, it will take Nitrogen wherever it can get it, meaning the Soil around your Plants. This will cause a Nitrogen Deficiency in the Soil, and actually cause harm.

You don't have to turn it every other day, if you wish to do a Compost pile. It's just it will decompose quicker if you do. I would also advise not to add bread scraps, because it could attract Vermin.

If you wish to keep adding scraps around your Plants, I would also advise, that you keep them away from the Plants, at least 2-3 feet and supplement the scraps with a little lawn fertilizer tossed in.

I hope this helps but if I have missed something, don't hesitate to follow up with another question.

The best of Luck



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