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hi i was just looking around wondering how long it takes pine wood chips to rot and came upon you and would like to know if i did a mistake by using a dump truck full of chips as fill in a large area of my yard ? thanks

Hello Manny

Well I guess it depends on if Rotting is to your advantage.

Wood chips are a great Mulch, used under Trees, to suppress weeds, in the Vegetable Garden, and around Ornamental Bushes. The reason for that is, because it takes a long time to Decompose.

Wood Chips are carbon, and all carbon based matter is slow to Decompose. I am guessing that you have a "LOT" of Chips, stacked 6-12" high. If you wish to not use them as I have described above, then rotting them will take some time. Add your grass Clippings to the Chips, and use High Nitrogen Fertilizers, and mix it all in. Any Lawn Fertilizer, such as a 24-6-6. It doesn't have to be a Top Name product to do the trick. Sprinkle the Fertilizer on top, mix it in with the chips, and water, but not too much on the water. The more you turn the mix, and the hotter the Temperature is outside, will dictate how long this will take. I have no idea how much you have, so be patient, it could take a while.

If I have missed something here, please follow up, with another question, and I would be more than happy to reply.

The best of luck



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