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Dear Greg,
Recently I am planning to get into composting but there is a problem.
I learned that composting will reduce the volume of the compost pile but what I am most concern is whether the end result will be a net increase in soil volume overall?
Say I use 10 cubic of soil/earth with 4 cubic of wastes totaling 14 cubic of compost.
While the wastes may reduce in volume from 4 cubic to lower while composting away, will the entire pile be reduced all the way to the initial 10 cubic, meaning the entire wastes disintegrate into nothing?
That would mean if I want to get into bigger composting project, I would need to dig up the earth for it.
Or will the end result be a net increase of soil/earth volume from 10 cubic to say, 12 cubic?

Hello Choo

I will try and answer this, as simple as possible. Composting at the onset, will have a large volume of matter. As all the matter Decomposes, the matter, or the Pile, will reduce in volume. When you add the compost to where ever you choose to add it to, it will displace soil. As Compost Decomposes yet further, it will, usually within 3-5 years, Decompose further, to nothing at all. Compost is not Soil, but a steady supply of Compost will keep the Area, close to stable, volume wise.

My Composting is done in a pile, not in a so called Pit, above ground.

Composting is always ongoing, as having 2 Piles, Decomposing together, with one pile ready to use, while the other is still working, will ensure that you have a steady supply of ready to use Compost.



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