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Just how do I get started with composting tree branches that have been pruned?  I do not have means to get a chipper here.  Can I just pile them up?

Hello Teddi

The first thing you need to do, since you are not using a chipper shredder is to understand that making the branches as small as possible, will make them decompose quicker. With that in mind, maybe speed of decomposition, is not a priority to you?

I get that with your question " can I just pile them up?" Yes you can. Branches are high Carbon, so you will need a Nitrogen balance, and a little spark, to get it all going. Adding a little High Nitrogen Fertilizer to the Pile, along with a little soil, will get the process moving along. Keep it moist, but not too soggy.

How long will it take, will depend on how small you choose to make the branches, along with how much Oxygen is present. Turning it over every now and then, will also help speed up the process.

If I have missed something here, don't hesitate to follow up with another question.

The very best of luck



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