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I asked you a while ago about the buried compost pit. I have had to shovel it out twice now because it was full and I had very little decomposition.  I am going to keep doing it though because it is a way to reduce garbage to the landfill and should be a benefit to the soil. What I did this fall after the garden was harvested was shovel out the bin and then dumped a few bags of grass clippings on it. Then I hired a guy to rototill the whole garden which turned most of the material under. My city has a very poor garbage collection service so I have to keep garbage in my garage until collection day. With my pit I throw ALL kitchen waste in including meat, dairy, bones etc. last year there were a lot of white maggots in the waste which is fine by my. They reduce the volume and the stink.

With doing that on a yearly basis will I have better garden soil that will be safe to plant in in the spring time? A lot of the waste I am tilling into the garden in the fall is not fully or even close to decomposed but it has until the next planting season and over winter to be in the garden soil with all the worms.

Hello Ian

I am sorry, I was away for a long time. Lets see if I can help here.

If you are not getting the Desired Decomposition, it is usually 2 things. Air or Water. Are you sensing any kind of Heat in your Pit? If you are not getting heat, then Decomposition is not occurring. If matter is not fully Decomposed, then it will rob Nitrogen from the soil to complete the process, robbing Nitrogen from the plants.

You will have a better Garden after time, as long as you keep adding Compost to the soil. but it does have to be fully decomposed, or your Garden, will become a Compost pit in itself.

I would also suggest, that you do not add meat, and bones to the Pit. The Issues with that are just too numerous to get into here.

If I have missed something here, please follow up with another question, and again, I apologize for the delay in responding to this.

Best of luck



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