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Buried barrel
Buried barrel  

After bricks
After bricks  
I buried a 60 gallon barrel with holes drilled in the sides and bottom to use as a compost digester/worm tower. I added all kitchen waste to it all winter. It has now thawed.

I surrounded it with bricks and I have a heavy steel lid so pests can't get in and smells are not a problem. I did this only to reduce waste going to the land fill, not to harvest compost. I am hoping that worms, maggots, and all other bugs get rid of the waste for me.

I hope this happens fast enough that I can add kitchen waste on a continual basis.

Is this a reasonable expectation?

Hello Ian

Yes, this is a reasonable expectation.

If you have saved some Leaves from the fall, this is high in Carbon, and will bring the Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio in line, and will help balance out the Kitchen wastes, which are high in Nitrogen.

I guess it depends on how much Kitchen waste you are adding, on an ongoing basis. As long as it's reasonable, I can't see why, this can't be successful.

The Best of Luck



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