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Last fall I did a project in the garden that left me with a pile of chunks of sod in the garden. I am planning to buy an Earth Machine compost bin to go over the pile and add grass clippings to it all summer. I plan on bagging every second time I cut the grass do that both the lawn and the garden can get the benefit of the clippings. With doing this will the clippings reduce enough in volume and at a fast enough rate that I will be able to add a full summers worth of clippings to the bin. It is usually 2-3 bags per cutting at every second cutting that will be put in the bin. After the garden is off I'm going to spread out the compost, dump all grass clippings on the garden and rototill the garden before winter. Does this sound like a good plan? Also will the sod be spreadable by fall?

Hello Ian

Grass clippings are Nitrogen, the Sod chunks are also Nitrogen. You would better serve yourself bagging up Fall Leaves, and mixing that in. Grass clippings need to be spread out, in a very thin layer, or you will get the ammonia smell, that is pretty bad.

Successful Composting is a balance of Carbon and Nitrogen, too much of one, or the other, will not bring desired results. Always add Fall Leaves to the Compost Bin, chopping them up as small as you can, will help Decomposing them quicker, and add grass clippings as you go.

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