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Composting/is dirt from a pig pen good for garden?



My neighbors raise a few pigs each summer. They have kept them in the same pen for the last few years. Last summer, my kids & I would walk over with our produce trimmings to feed them. This made me wonder if adding the soil/dirt/pig poo from this pen to my garden would be beneficial. The pen is approximately 20'x20' some full sun, some shade with 3-5 pigs in it per year. The pigs are in the pen from May - November. The pen is open to the elements all summer & winter. I live in Southern Michigan, zone 5 (I think).

Also, if it is good to use the pig pen 'compost' what is the best way to add it to the soil.


Hello Brenda

I live in Southern Michigan too, and yes zone 5 is correct.

As far a Pig poo goes, this poses a certain risk. Pig doo has been associated with E-Coli if not properly composted, meaning you have to get the temperature hot enough to kill the bacteria. When I see this, I always err on the side of caution. I myself, would only use Composted Pig Manure on flowers, or things I would not consume. To add another note, any animal that consumes meats, or is classified as a Carnivore, should be treated in the same light. Pigs have a varied diet, and as you well know, will eat just about anything. You can put them in this same classification.

This is just my opinion, and you also mentioned kids, so I would avoid using this, in anything I would consume.

The best of luck



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