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Haz wrote at 2012-11-14 08:00:24
WTH? i am a local middle eastern and i know all these ethnic groups, PASHTUNs??? are you crazy? they are all yellow skined and dont have a single trait of being white, KURDs??? now i think that you are kind of meant to say these, Kurds are similar to Saudi Arabs, they either dont have any thing of being white, only a few of them have relatively fair skin, but hairs and eyes are always perfectly black.

there are few white people here and all can be found among Turks, Azerbaijanis and few people from Lebanone and Syria, very few.

i am mentioning particularely Persians who are perfectly brown but always propagate to be white and Aryan! they use images of non Persian Iranians and say "these are pure white Aryan Persians"!!

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I can answer basic questions related to heritable diseases, and moderate level questions regarding genetics and biology in general. Please, no questions on what your future children will look like. I will happily answer questions regarding the inheritance of hair or eye colour, genetic diseases, genetic traits, etc..., but anything phrased as "I look like X and my partner look like Y; what will our baby look like?" will be sent to the question pool.


For a year I served as a intern in a plant genetics laboratory, in addition to having completed a very tough biology curriculum.

I have a BA in anthropology (focus on biological anthropology) from UC Berkeley.

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