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Dear Dr Syed

What are the biological reasons of some Human beings at the
Same room Temperature Require a Fan and some Human beings do not Require a Fan?.

i.e. Some Human beings feel cool, Some Human beings feel Hot and hence the need or no need of a Ceiling Fan to operate.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant,
The room temperature will obviously be same but the individuals are different. Body temperature are of two types. One the core and the other the surface. There is always a difference in both these temperature. The core temperature is purely determined by ones body metabolic process. On the other hand, surface temperature is also affected by the environment. When a persons' core temperature increases, the body will try to cool by moving the heat from the core to the surface. Because there is a special mechanism called 'sweating' for cooling.

It is for this reason, some people in the same room with ambient room temperature requires fan and some don't.

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