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Is Leukemia - Blood Cancer a hereditary or genetic Disease?.


Right now, doctors and scientists havenít been able to figure out the exact cause of Leukemia, in part because there are different types of Leukemia.  Leukemia   isnít just one diseases, but a group of different cancers.  What they all have in common is that they begin in the bone marrow and create an abnormally high number of white blood cells.

While we still arenít sure of the exact cause of Leukemia , we do know that development of the disease appears to have both an environmental and a genetic component.  For example, studies have found that smoking and exposure to radiation and certain chemicals appears to increase the chances of developing Leukemia.  In addition, a person with a close relative who has been diagnosed with Leukemia has a higher than average chance of developing the cancer themselves.

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