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Hi... one year when I got a bad news there was some pain on my back side of my head around my neck. And then whenever I get tensed or fear I get some burning sensation around that area. Now since the last four days I feel like fainting whenever I walk for long period or sit somewhere and yesterday I did a ct scan plain and the results were normal but I still feel like weekness. So my question is ct scan can check the condition of my skull or bone right? I think when I got that bad news one year ago my blood pipe must have broken or got tear. Is that right and what should I do now? I still feel some burning sensation on my backside of my head and I have some problem in breathing too and I feel little dizziness.


If the problem is still persisting then I suggest that you should go

through an MRI scan. Most of the brain material some or the other way

carries protons revealing its internal structure.

The inherent destructive nature of radiation hazards in CT is avoided

with the additional benefit of detailed information of proton-based

materials in this situation. The MR signal is usually capable of

providing the cross-sectional view in any plane providing relatively

better details as compared to the existing stakeholders.  

The positioning or disturbance of blood vessels in the brain may also

be clarified by going through 3D-digital subtraction angiography, if

available and agreed by the dealing neurosurgeon,  where projection

images are taken at regular intervals and the internal details of the

blood vessels may be revealed in 3D giving the required information about the subject.

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