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QUESTION: Hi Shahzad,

Can I get your contact number.



ANSWER: Hi Aurangzeb,

Please introduce yourself and your speciality.


Dr. Shahzad.

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QUESTION: Hi Shahzad,

I was your class fellow in 88 metallurgy UET.
I'h been living and working abroad for 18 years with the last 10 years in Canada.
If you don't remember me, please see my picture with my profile at following link.

Home phone # 7809881342

Office 7804407208

Cell 7808687647


Aurangzeb Alamgir

Hello Ranga,

Assalam o Alaykum

Its been long since we were together. I do remember you as my best friend.

My contact number is:


Do you have skype facility with you. My skype address is as follows:


Truly yours,


Computed Tomography or CAT Scans

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Dr. Shahzad Ahmad Qureshi


I can answer questions about transmission computed tomography, simulated annealing-based tomography and binary & continuous genetic algorithms-based tomography. I shall not be able to answer as an expert about MRI, fMRI...


I have an eight year experience as a researcher.

National Institute of Lasers and Optronics, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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3. S. A. Qureshi, S. M. Mirza, and M. Arif Determination of Optimal Number of Projections and Parametric Sensitivity Analysis of Operators for Parallel-Ray Transmission Tomography using Hybrid Continuous Genetic Algorithm, International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, Vol. 17, Issue 1, pp. 10-21, 2007 (Online ISSN: 1098-1098, Print ISSN: 0899-9457, DOI: 10.1002/ima.20093), ISI index: 0.983, 2006

4. S. A. Qureshi, S. M. Mirza, and M. Arif Optimization of Projections for Parallel-Ray Transmission Tomography using Genetic Algorithm, in Wireless Networks, Information Processing and Systems, Vol. 20, Issue 3, pp. 20-39, 2006, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2008 (Online ISSN: 1865-0929, Print ISSN: 1865-0937, Online ISBN: 978-3-540-89852-8, Print ISBN: 978-3-540-89853-5, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-89853-5_6)


PhD (Computer Science), MS (Nuclear Engg.), MSc (Computer Science), BE (Metallurgical Engg. and Materials Science)

Awards and Honors

• Fellowship for Ph.D. in Computer Science by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad (2004).

• Fellowship for Research Work at the University of Warwick, the United Kingdom during PhD in the Image Processing Group at the Department of Computer Science (2008)

• Fellowship for M.Sc. Nuclear Engineering from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad for the session 1994-96

• University Merit Scholarship by UET, Lahore awarded every year for being declared as the Top Student during BE

• Gold Medalist of BE with HONOURS by UET, Lahore for the session 1988-92

• Secured Bull’s Eye (100% score) in TCP/IP 4.0 and 90% in Networking Essentials and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (MCSE)

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