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Hello, I downloaded a free open source program to Securely erase data, files, and folders from the hard drive in which is to be with the program written over like 5 times plus their are many different options such as US Air Force 5020(3 Pass). This program securely deletes information of which other wise recycle bid does not. Now, My question is this, to secure my privacy and computer integrity in the face of hackers, which files folders, and types of data should be securely erased? Please list the folder names and types of files to be securely erased and plus explain where to find them. Thank you for you help. Daniel.

Hello Daniel,

Please use DBAN ( other than anything else to securely wipe off your data from the hard drive or any other storage media. pretty powerful and I'd always recommend to use it for securely erasing your hard drive data.

You need to keep certain files and folders into your external media like external hard drive, flash drive, CD DVD etc. to make sure that whenever hackers tries to steal information from your system, they found nothing there.

Moreover, You are advised to keep these folders always at risk free place:

*Bank Information such as login id, user id, passwords etc.
*Delete saved email passwords and social accounts passwords from the browser like Firefox, chrome etc.
*Precious images and videos folders should be protected too.
*Official documents etc.

You need to look around your system to find those files like documents folder, confidential or hidden folder, backup folder etc. Whenever hacker attacks on your system, they usually tries to search for these type of folders and then attacks to your registry settings to alter the information so could you aren't able to access your system anymore.
If you are still not satisfied, consider revising your question and tell me in brief.
Hope it helps!! Good Luck!!

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