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QUESTION: Hello Amit Yadav,

I've read an interesting article of yours about Sudden Death Syndrome on a Galaxy S3. I've also read that you are specialized in data recovery. Can you answer the following question?

"Sudden Death" problems are solved by service centres by replacing the motherboard or the eMMC chip. The motherboard or the chip is then redirected to Samsung, possibly for repair and refurbishment reasons. Unfortunately most people could not wipe their data when the phone went dead.
So my question is: Is there any chance that the data on the eMMC chip can be read by professionals or Samsung itself in a repair process?

Thank you!

ANSWER: Hi Frank,

Data can be read surely by professionals. To recover the data from eMMC chip is quite log process, reading every sector and extracting the data from them. You sent it to Samsung so don't worry about your data. They would simply wipe it.

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QUESTION: Thank you Amit for your quick response!

I hoped and thought it was impossible because of complete eMMC failure. I've read that even JTAG wouldn't work. I've got one more question:

I have business sensitive information on my chip (pictures, documents etc.). So do you mean that Samsung repairers can read this? Or can (or will) they wipe my chip without reading the data on it?

Thanks again!

ANSWER: Frank,

Don't worry about it. They don't have time to extract data. 1000s of chips come to them daily. They simply fill zero and wipe it.

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QUESTION: Ok, thank you. Last question:

So if I understand you correctly, you are saying that it is possible to wipe a damaged eMMC chip without even accessing the file system? Is that what you mean with "fill zero"?

Data is stored on sectors. When we erase data, means simply marking a sector as zero. we call it filling zero. Still data erased data can be recovered as it has not been overwritten just marked as zero. Wiping is the process in which we first mark sectors as zero, then overwrite data with garbage and go for further process.

I am not saying without accessing file system it is possible to wipe data. I am saying without seeing and reading you data, it is possible to wipe it, and companies follow that.  

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