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Hello. My name is Jon and I'm a researcher for the CBS television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It's my job to make sure our show is as accurate as possible and I often get amazing help from experts here at Allexperts.

I'm writing you in the hopes you can help us with a question for our next episode about flash drives. This point is a big part of our story.

An attorney was secretly sent a flash drive with video footage on it.  Well, he is going to try to show that footage to another lawyer, yet the flash drive has been corrupted and the footage is gone.  

We were thinking it would be cool if someone had remotely corrupted it. Can you possibly give us some ways that someone could do this? Is that even possible?  

As a follow up to the above, if someone is able to remotely corrupt the drive and erase the footage, could a computer forensics person somehow get the video file back? Or, if the person who corrupted it was so good as to permanently erase the footage, could we extract other seemingly innocuous items that once existed on the drive and were erased, like a photo? We thought it would be interesting to find a random photo of something benign buried on that drive, and our computer forensics person could go into the metadata on the photo and find out where that shot was taken.  That would then lead us to the person who used to own that mystery flash drive.

Make sense? I appreciate any thoughts you may have here.



Hi Jon,

It's rarely possible to corrupt any storage device remotely, If I'm not wrong. However, there is high probability to get your data back unless its overwritten or any new files were saved into that location.

Though, It seems that the person has injected some king of virus/trojan on the targetted system awhich later makes the flash drive corrupted or inaccessible.

You could try some professional recovery software which comes in try first and purchase only when satisfied module, so you could see the recoverable files in the preview pane and ensure that the video is still exist on the drive and can be recovered once you purcahsed the software.

Download this software and install on your PC:

Start program from the all programs menu or from the shortcut created at the desktop screen. From the drive list menu, you could able to see the corrupted flash drive. Click to select it and choose 'RAW Recovery' from the pop up menu open at the right side of the software window.

As RAW recovery would performs sector by sector scan, this process could take some time so please have patience.

Note: If the desired flash drive is not listed in the software drive list screen, you'll need to take help of data recovery pros like Kroll on Track or Drive Savers Data Recovery.

Please Ping me back if you're facing any difficulties.

Good Luck Though!!


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