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Good day Mr. Oliver,
All of a sudden my HP 2000 refuse to booth, I later format it and all my data including the original functries was lost. Sir can there be any software to recover my files.

Dear Godspower,

Definitely there are software that can address such kind of troubles, however as you're saying that you had formatted it, there are slim chances of successful recovery. Formatting will overwrite deleted data with 0's and 1's and make it impossible for recovery software to find traces of deleted files and folders.

However, you can try if there are still some files left which isn't overwritten and can be restored by using suitable recovery software such as Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Software. Visit the link below to download and install the software, perfectly runs on Windows environment and 100% safe.

You can start the software from the desktop screen. Under 'Drive Recovery' option, you can select either individual partition or the whole hard drive. Scanning (Either Advanced or 'Deleted File Recovery' option) may take relatively longer if the drive is big, so just calm down and let it takes quiet enough amount of time. Once the scanning completes, you can see the preview of files and folders that is left and can be restored.

P.S. The software is free to see the preview of deleted files and folders. However, you may need to purchase the full version to actually recover those files.

Wishing you good luck ahead!!

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