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QUESTION: Theres another way to identify a person or a physical address if an i.p address assignment is no longer available at i.s.p due to the expiration of retention schedule? And how long are in average those retention schedules if any for  dynamic i.p assignments ?

ANSWER: Kindly elaborate the question and specify what exactly you would like to know.

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QUESTION: My question is if internet service providers and cell phone companies retain  a log for ip assignment logs on subscribers and if this logs are a central log for the network and all subscribers in order to allocate ip address assigned at a given date ? Or if those logs are kept individually for each subscriber? And how long this logs are retained on average by i.s.p and cell phone companies  before being purged or overwrited?

Each ISP keeps log of assigned IP, and duration for which the logs are preserved varies ISP to ISP.

Are you looking it from forensics perspective or from security point of view?

If you can share objective then I would be able to provide more details.


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