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All incoming calls and outgoing calls are to be recorded made to
a cellphone device consumer from land line (wired) and cellphones, smartphones (wireless) devices.

i.e. The consumer can later on play all the calls received and send with the called date and time i.e. audio files.

The above devices mentioned in the link interfaced with the Cell Phone / smartphone device can solve the consumer business needs ?.

Software applications for voice recording on cellphones, smartphones can also address these business needs ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant S Akerkar,
The devices mentioned in the link were designed to solve the consumer business needs.
Software applications might not be enough. It all depends on the cell phone's hardware. Old models of cell phones (5 - 3 years ago) could function as voice recorders too. I don't know about the new models. If they have the necessary
hardware than the user doesn't need the devices listed in your link.
Another point to consider is memory. Voice records need memory. Not Gigas but at least 256K. I don't know how the new model allocate their memory.

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