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Hi, I've never build my own computer before but I want to upgrade my current computer by getting a new chip and graphics card. However, I need to get a new motherboard. My question is this. If my stock computer uses a micro ATX motherboard, I should get the same type if I'm planning on using the same shell, correct?

correct, be aware that if its a name-brand computer (like HP or Dell) the new motherboard might not fit. There are plenty of cheap cases on the market (I go to and look through their cases first) if you need to change the case out.

Also there are quite a few videos on youtube, Newegg has a series that I'd recommend watching:

Also when you choose your parts I would highly recommend going to to pick out your motherboard and processor, they have already done the leg-work and know what works with what.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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