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My ex has apparently been accessing my email. I'm still gathering data, but it appears he got my password and has been accessing my personal email accounts (not the one I used for the form here, of course). This may have been going on for years.

We have some IP data showing his access.

He has not threatened me, but has a history of irrational acts.

What California and Federal laws apply to what he has done?
Can others bring an action for what he has done (those who emailed me or whom I emailed, I mean)?
Should I confront him and ask him to cop to it or is that a bad idea for any future investigation?
Is my only option to call the police?

Thank you.

Good Afternoon,

You could confront him, but that might cause him to take actions that would become more harmful (deleting your data, locking you out of your own accounts and so on.) You can bring civil action against him for violation of your right to privacy, but third party suits are generally not permitted.

Cal. Penal Code Section 502 is what covers it in Cal.

I would highly suggest letting the police in on this one, let them gather all the evidence for you, bring charges if they decide to and even if they don't you can use all the data they can gather (which is more than you can) you can use in a civil case.

So I would call the police and report an unauthorized entry into a Computer and or Network, in viiolation of Penal Code 502, and then let them do all the work. Take that work and use it if you so chose in a civil action.

Hope this helps..

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