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I apologize as my commutation to you is rather long--
Chris I am very concerned---- I know I am being monitored illegally by a company I owned sold to my Ex—What is being monitored--my Emails, my cell Phone, my Computer, Face Book, skyp—anything and everything I am connected to that is Web Based I am being followed—plus more
I know my Ex very well —he is stalking me via cyber internet-in the most Covert way--it is insidious abuse—and he enjoys it-- as well  a large payoff is due to me  for selling my portion of my company---Ex/his attorney are entering all my web based accounts trying  to find something on me so they can sue me—and they are very very powerful—I cannot say Attorney name but his profile brings him right up to State Supreme Court of my Wisconsin
My Ex  has discredited me in the worst of ways with many lies within our community --- I was asked to be on the Board Of Directors of the YWCA—Suddenly the request has been dropped-- However I do believe actions speaker louder than words, so I do not dwell too much on.
Every Avenue I tried to stop this invasion has been shut down—and with no disrespect Chris--that includes Local Authorities--
I live in a smaller City and very few people understands this technology---Cyber Crimes—using Legitimate Employee Monitoring Services  sold by Google--—
You will see below my Bank Accounts have been remotely accessed – a Breach of Security has occurred—Told to me by my bank August of this year
Three weeks after I was informed of invasion me  my home had been entered 3 times—Once a piece of clothing were torn in the not of nicest of ways and the other two occurrence, personal items only he/Ex would have, were placed back into my home—
As well, since Breach has occurred an individual shows up amongst a group of individuals I know and starts asking me if I know certain attorney’s—Company/Ex’s Attorneys—I said no—He asks me where do I go out at night—I do not go out—I find no enjoyment going out at this time—He says you must go out--He says we should be friends--He Face Books me, -- – I never gave him my Email address—---He enters my life after certain occurrences happen—Breach has been told to me—I contact authorities—There is such a pattern--This man is very very wealthy—He is part of Company’s Corporate Attorneys group of friends--I do believe they are looking for Defamation of Character—They want to know what I know---I believe they are scared I know too much on their illegal activities-- and they are being very aggressive.
I have small boat I keep at a Marina—2 weeks after Breach Ex/Company buys a boat and parks it one marina away from me—I tried to open a simple Desk Top Document on my Boat (You do not need internet) and a screen comes up and says I cannot open document unless I enable Network Sharing—He is Blue toothing me.
Yes I want this  to stop, but most of all, I want proper justice to occur because this is happening not only to me but also my girls—--He monitors’ all my conversations with my girls (age 20 and 16---their cell phones) he knows precisely  where we are when we are together and can listen into our conversations as he controls/Company owns my girls  android cell phones and computers. ---My girls  do not know this is happening—But I do—-and he knows it—and now it is getting worse---The invasions is becoming unbearable—Just thinking he Monitors my Teenage/ Adult daughters  private boyfriend conversations is so disturbing to me as a Mother--
Chris I do not want to show any disrespect to anyone, but the story below is fact.
Your advice would be well appreciated because I do not know what to do anymore--
To Start
At my last day of employment, I left owning my company computer, as well as my company Evo/Cell—all were granted to me by the courts to own personally
After I owned all personally I found Ex/Company has set me up on their Private Employee Profile Web page---called Email Google Apps.  
To note: I should have never been able to know this---To actually view the site, as it is private and only Administrator/Ex has authority who can enter/view—How did I find site—well site found me--I was on my Desk Top looking at some files and suddenly I am prompted to Company Employee Web Site as mentioned called Email Google Apps. And under Employee Profile –right click Properties I find URL My name/Desk Top—Below are properties
Below is start of site
Subject: Emailing: Google Apps
From: Subject: Google Apps Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 16:48:06 -0500 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/related; type="text/html"; boundary="----=_NextPart_000_0000_01CD26F1.04280D80" X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2900.6157 This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0000_01CD26F1.04280D80 Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Location: namexxxxxxcom/ServiceLogin?service=CPanel& =EF=BB=BF

At the bottom of the site is a large encryption--------Below is some of the encryption---it has been mentioned the encryption is connected to a desk top
=_NextPart_000_0000_01CD26F1.04280D80 Content-Type: image/gif Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Location: R0lGODlhjwA7APcAAAAAAP
Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Location:
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Location:
R0lGODlhBAAEAIABAP///////yH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAAEAAQAAAIFjI8BBlAAOw== ------=_NextPart_000_0000_01CD26F1.04280D80 Content-Type: image/gif Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Location:
I find all my documents copied and sitting in my Favorites and Temporary Files--- all are Internet Explorer Documents---I find I have 2 conduit tool bars up at the same time with I 3 Face Book Icons 2 have a red number one on—I finds on tool bar History Ex’s Emails address and IP to VeriSign corporate Tome Stamp Authority Signature ---Virginia.
I also found from Sprint Company/Ex continued to pay for apps on my cell phone after I owned personally without my consent—App is ESPN Live.  Sprint acknowledged there are no apps running on my cell phone, yet acknowledges one is being paid for–Reason—App is Modified and Hidden--My carrier even gave me the mthly billings against my cell number and names the company paying for app---Ex/Company
I was also told by Sprint—Voice Message (Taped)  my Gmail is set up for Employee Monitoring  (does not mention company) thus Ex has full access to my cell phone-- GPS, Text, listens in on my cell conversations and has full access to my computer.  My Carrier also said my SS number was given out to a third party--
I found on my hard drive various Third Party Programs had been installed after I owned my computer personally--called HTC Suites and HTC Installer owned by a company called Teleca-—all programs pertain to phone monitoring.  On the very day HTC program was installed (Jan 19th 2011)  --Ex/Company discontinued paying for Cell phone App ESPN Live –
-- To Note this vary same program (HTC—Mobile Connectivity Suites/Teleca) was added to my Hard Drive Nov 9th 2009  two weeks after  he terminated me from my Founding Corporation of 24 yrs and  served divorce papers on me—and same day first app was put on/to my cellphone number (Documented) regardless of termination I still owned corporation—at this time I was in the process of suing for wrongful termination—I did win  and was reinstated back into my company-- but only VPN—and thank god I had a paycheck to pay for my attorneys—He never thought I would get this far---Not to pat myself on my back—I won the company at Pretial-– Sept 2010 in front of Divorce Judge --I wanted to be set up for proper negotiation or if I wanted to buy my company I could--—counter offer  was respectful and I walked-- Divorce Oct 25th 2010—at this time I now owned my Computer cell phone personally—--
In May 2011, 5 GB data source went through my cell.  Carrier said I entered my cell/Web 327 times.  That same MTh ESPN Live web page was opened 4 times on my cell phone forensic report –Date May 25th 2011—on this very Day 100’s of HTCsync/Yahoo Sync/ITunes/Mobile files ran with Digital Signature VeriSign Feb 7th 2011---
Question--Who gave VeriSign authority to come into my computer Feb 7th 2011 and provide an Authority Signature for a Third Party Program?
If I did not have unlimited data source, my cell phone my cell bill would have been $15,000
I find a Task has been added to my computer ITunes to run every Thursday at 6:58 PM—Apparently for this Technology to work one must have latest ITune technology—When I do a Hard Drive Search Recycle bin I find My entire computer/Files/Documents/Programs—When I open a document it open in ITunes--
-After requesting my text history report from my carrier I found over 300 Premium (Paid For) Short Code Text Alerts 6245 (Spells Mail) and  my cell is sender of all---carrier said this is to a computer---someone is receiving an alert of some kind---now when I talk to Sprint  they say there is no Premium  short code Alerts —well I have it documented (CD) there is -- CD came directly  from Corporate Sprint—Sprint will no longer talk to me—They just put me on hold for 20 minutes—They told me to much and they know it—and I do believe Ex’s/Corporate Attorney has talked them with threat of Lawsuit as Sprint crossed the line and revealed Ex’s/Corporate private account Info--
First time I forwarded a text to my email account sender becomes Ex/Company—I find Text in Aol-- in full content with in a Picture Mail Box supported by Syniverse Technologies—Three mths ago  Picture Mail as was set up has now been shut down—In Picture Mail I found  full content Texts plus 20 minute recording I forwarded to my Aol Acct—To note some Texts are less than MMS---Less than 160 characters—Sprint says that is imposible--Tapped
I have been informed by my Bank, my bank accounts have been remotely accessed, and a Breach of Bank Security has occurred — my Bank Accounts were viewed— no money taken—
Bank Security was able to determine a Breach has occurred based on a web page –Image, of my bank accounts open--- Image itself came from a  Forensic study I had done on my Cell.—--All Security advised me to do is to change my computer password,  which I thought was very strange, as the image came from my cell phone not my Computer.  As well and I find very odd, my Bank did not follow proper processes of Due Diligence to protect their customer “Me” and properly advise me to close all my accounts, cancel my credit cards and discontinue online Banking —I had to do on my own—
I ask Security  what exactly did they find Security  would not tell me--Seurity said I would need to get a subpoena to get such info and the only way I could get a Subpoena is by authorities actions---
Interesting after conversation with Security  I sent an Email to a Bank Employee/VP of Finance on Breach —I asked how did Security  determined remote access occurred – He Emailed me and said Bank will not say—He only stated via E-Mail a  Forensic Image process  concluded positive to remote access, Breach of Security (E-Mail Documented) —I asked a second question This individual did not respond via Email, rather he called me and made a very disturbing comment to me he said “Sometimes I say to Much”--
I talked to Sheriff’s department about my findings and they said “Well maybe company forgot to take you off Employee Monitoring”—as well Sheriffs Department said “Well maybe Company forgot to stop paying for app on you cell”— --Do I not have enough credible documentation for the Sheriff’s Department to respect me and properly investigate.  If anything ---such a statement from the Sherriff’s Department now acknowledges-- all breaking of law due to ignorance is accepted. As far as clothes torn and my home being entered they said I need to put up cameras.   
Chris I live in a small town—everyone knows everyone--
I talked to the Wisconsin Justice Department  Dave Matthews-- (about my documents/concerns and he was  very kind and told me if what I have is valid the Sheriff’s Department in my town has very good Forensic investigators and they will properly investigate—
After my complaint to the Sherriff’s Department I heard nothing. I called the Sherriff’s Department  and was informed the case was closed—Why would the Sherriff’s Department close my case without talking to me first and review my documents?.  I called again—only thing they said I need an IP address---I am not IT—I am a Mom---is that not the  job of the Sherriff’s department to  forensically study---do I not have enough documented---and why do not the Banks step in?
I have now purchased 2 other computers and within the last few weeks and within a few days they too are compromised.
I cannot afford to go Civil—and the Corporation and their advisors are very powerful and have many resources I do not have.  I cannot personally get an accredited forensic study on my Hard Drive that will stand up in court without a Civil Attorney requesting such a study and a retainer fee of $5,000---which means at the end of the day my cost will be the least $50,000---with Ex’s/Company extremely wealthy/Powerful, Corporate attorney  will just drag  on and I will never have the money to continue my pursuits—and they know it.
I would think, as my concerns are based on creditable documents and not emotion I would be respectfully acknowledged and proper actions would occur on my behalf, as a citizen as well as my children—
What steps can I take so proper actions move forward?
I feel no matter what I do---especially in my town, it will just get buried ---as if it never happened---due to the powers of BE’s.      I wish I could tell you company’s name and City--
I should mention, I did talk to one of  Corporate Attorneys  on the Company side about  App on my cell—(by The way he was my Corporate/Company Attorney for 24 yrs) He simply said Company is his client and cannot talk to me—Which I understand—But what was disturbing he ended his statement with two words—“Good Luck”
To add I have had my Hard Drive professionally copied—the copy would stand up in court and my cell phone professionally Forensically Studied--

Thank You Chris—Your Advice would be so appreciate-

Again sorry such a long question--details

Please make public If my story could help anyone It would mean so much to me

Good Afternoon,

After reading what you wrote I find it difficult to believe that the Sheriff's office closure case without having your computer or cell phones forensically examined. It may be that your shares office does not have those capabilities or someone trained to properly process this information. What I would do is contact your state police agency and see if they have a computer crime division which you could then speak to and explain to them what has happened i.e. that the Sheriff's office is unable to help you or unwilling to help you. You are correct in the fact that you do not have to provide the police with an IP address, it is up to the police to develop that lead and come up with an IP address. From the sounds of it with all of the information that you gave that should be a rather simple procedure for someone with the proper training and information knowledge.

if ever you are not happy with the service you are receiving from sheriffs office you also have the right to asked to speak to the supervisor of the person who is assigned your case and ask why you are being requested provide this information which should be the detectives job. In addition you have the right to contact your local state attorney's office or state prosecutor's office and asked them why your case is not being prosecuted.

In addition to all this your civil rights may be being violated and that is something that you may be able to get a civil attorney to take on using a contingency basis, meaning that if they when they get paid. If this is a large enough Corporation that you're up against and the assets are quite large then a civil attorney could make for themselves quite a bit of money even if you're willing to give up 50% or so of the money that you may get in damages or punitive damages. But I would only do it on a contingency basis without a retainer fee as you have plenty of information and have done more than your share homework for mom not an IT tech.

You are not the first nor will you be the last person that I have heard all of these very things from, in fact I am actually working a case now for over a year were this is been the same type of problem and have discovered that part of the issue is lack of knowledge on the users part and the monetary backing on the part of the offending party. Which makes the whole thing more complicated.

I think your next step would be to contact your state police agency and see if they have a computer crime section and if so asked them to please take your case since your local Sheriff's office is unwilling or unable to do so. If they failed to do that then you could conceivably contact your local news media and see if any of them are interested in doing a story on cyber bullying or cyber harassment or cyber spying, and you may find they are more than eager to do the story which then in turn would generate interest in a wise the Sheriff's office not assisting you or the state not assisting you in prosecuting these criminals. Nobody likes to be made to look bad sometimes that's what it takes.

If all else fails, you can always contact the ACLU since I believe what you were speaking about is a violation of your right to privacy. They are very powerful when they want to be, and may be able to help push things in your favor at the county or state level. Push all the buttons you can until you get something to go.

Good luck and if you need me more suggestions please feel free to ask.

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