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I am a third year computer forensics student and for my third year project I have to create a forensic image containing evidence of a crime.  I have chosen the crime drug dealing and the sale of illegal substances.  I will be creating appropriate evidence items and hiding them on a USB stick using different hiding techniques. However, I'm not sure what evidence of drug dealing I can put on there that is enough to convict someone of drug dealing?  What sort of evidence can I create and what does the law require as evidence to convict someone?  

Thanks in advance! (I am from the UK)

Good Afternoon Carol,

The best evidence that you could use in this case would be photographs of a marijuana grow operation at a specific location. One the belongs to the suspect. That comes from actual knowledge of cases I have worked in the past where photographs taken by the suspect of their cooperation and placed on their computer were enough to convict the person of cultivating marijuana which is a crime in the US. I believe I also know that it's a crime in the UK. So create an eBay account where they buy and sell hydroponic growing materials such as lighting and the pipes and other things involved, a account on where the person speaks back and forth on the form boards with people about growing marijuana and the fact that they are doing it and how to better do it. And then researching on the Internet hydroponics and growing marijuana. And then photographs of the actual grow operation once they establish it, which you can download from the Internet by searching Google images for "hydroponic marijuana growing" operations.

If you really wanted to push it you could also do some bank transaction showing sales to eBay for hydroponic growing materials of some kind but I think the above would be more than enough.

Hope the idea helps.

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