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Mr. Wagoner,

I live in Texas. I married a man in 2008, who was in the technology business of design and manufacturing of items for the US Government, most of which were of a classified nature. Prior to exchanging vows, he offered to repair my desk top computer as it was not to his standards and I agreed. Upon returning my PC, he also gave me an Intel Pentium Dual Core ThinkPad R series.  I spent a total of 45 painfully ill days under the same roof with this man before I left and filed for an annulment. September of 2011 by accident I found things on my laptop that seriously concerned me, actual evidence that he was remotely accessing my computer and watching me as well. I'm not crazy, I have take it to professionals to have his ability to access removed numerous times, several discounted what I was saying and simply classified me. I get credit alerts that my scores have changed, he has had access to all my personal information as well as others, legal files, tax returns etc. and has tampered with my system to many times to count, I am constantly having to change passwords to all my accounts. I exposed him to his employers for state licensing fraud, embezzlement, and so much more. I have a serious strong suspicion that he was poisoning me with arsenic. No one will listen to me or take me seriously and I don't know how to get rid of his existence on my lap top. He was also reported to the Texas State licensing board. How do I go about exposing him and deleting his existence from my life.

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The easiest way to take care of this would be to get a new laptop and do away with your old one. At the same time change your account information on all you online accounts. Usernames and passwords should all be changed.

As for the poisoning, how do you think he is accomplishing this? That part has me curious. As for the computer its as easy as having it wiped and reloaded and anything that was on it is now gone.  

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