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Hello, I live in Dallas Texas. I live with my roommate and I let him set up a wireless connection. He started dating a girl and she was allowed to get on his computer & his phone. She was given
all the codes to access the wireless connection.  She knows everything. They broke up several months later and now this ex gf is causing all kinds of problems for my roommate.  She hacks into his computer all the time, changes the wallpaper.  Records him with the built-in camera.  Puts strange videos on his laptop. Puts programs on it, changes icons.  She has access to his cellphone and changes his texts, she has even sent a private naked video to his neice (the niece saw it but deleted it) She also stole his debit card and 2 credit cards and racked up 4,100 dollars worth of charges, wiping out his checking account in the process. The money was refunded but this girl won't quit.  She has also hacked into my roommates contacts on their cellphones. Roommate went to police and they said to change the hardware.  He did a complete re-install but she is still hacking.  He got a new phone, she hacked into it.   I know it's her.  How do I get proof? Who do I need to contact to press charges? What do I do ?
Im at my wits end

Hi Greg,

You don't need proof, thats what detectives are for. You have to get your roommate to report this hacking and cell phone hacking to the local police department. You need to do this as soon as possible as time is the enemy, it allows the hacker to possibly try and cover up what they did.

You do not have to prove anything. From what you told me she is a very good suspect and the police will track the hacker and should be able to tell if its her or not.

Get your roommate to call the police as soon as he can. Report the hacking or it will continue and the person doing it will think they can get away with it.

Be safe,

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