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During my divorce my ex and 2 of his close employees monitored my office computer remotely and with a key logger and saved security videos of me at our business. My ex then passed some of my emails around to employees and his attorney sent some to my attorney. I later did a recovery on the bookkeepers computer and found screen shots of my computer a something called spycatcher in her desk with the employees passwords names and yahoo. Not until a year later did I come into posession of emails to my attorney with a fax cover sheet to hs attorney, printed a month after the first ones. questioned during a depo in an attempt to set aside my settlement my ex said I left my email open and had printed some so he took them and read the rest and printed them.  This was not true. I never leave my email open and use yahoo which I think times out after so long and never print my emails.
He had a voip fonality phone system installed, which I learned from the installer after divorce that he and the employees could monitor cameras and computers and I think he said phone remotely. He gave me one employees password but said he didn't know the others. I never did figure the phone system out but found bills sent to the bookkeepers address for different numbers I think they used.
I tried to press charges but nothing was done. This happened Oct 09, discovered in 2010 and 2011, he admitted in depo in 2012.
In't this all illegal? Is it too late to do anything and if not where would I go since local authorities don't know how to handle it?  Can you explain if the phone system could have been recording my calls or the numbers found?


Hi Jayne,

First off the e-mails he "found in your open account" still are not his and he is not allowed by law to access the account and view or print out your emails. He is in violation of FSS 815.06, Crimes against Computer Users.

At no time should anyone access you personal account by capturing you computer screen shots or keyboard strokes. Thats illegal also. So you need to file charges (especially if you have copies of the emails he obtained and submitted in court. Once in depo he will either admit he got the or he did not. Since you have them as they were presented in your divorce case you have proof he obtained them. That should be enough. If the local police do not help you, go to the local sheriff's office. If they can not help you, then there are state computer crime units around the state that may help you. Do not stop until you find someone capable of handling you case.

Let me know how things work out for you.

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