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I am in the divorce process. I live in Kansas. My husband has refused to sign property settlement and other papers because he does not want a divorce. He has been cheating on me on-line for almost 17 years, is involved in Sex Addicts Anonymous and suffers from some depression, OCD and ADHD. We have two small children aged 8 and 4. I have full custody right now as he did not show up to the first custody hearing.
The final hearing set up in KS is on March 13th. He is seeing a lawyer tomorrow with e-mails suggesting I have been having an on-line relationship with another man, which I have, since about September. I left the marital home in November.
I have documents from facebook where he and a friend engage in numerous conversations about how to hack, eventually he admitts hacking into my e-mails, printing some of them and sharing them with other people (friends, therapist and tomorrow a lawyer). He even admits creating a dummy e-mail to try to entrap my friend on-line. He is publically threatening that if I go through with the divorce he wil "use this" against me (isn't that blackmail?) In addition he and his friend are trying to get access to my phone records.
I am concerned about custody etc. because of the fact that I have been engaged in a relationship (this is the first time in 17 years I have ever done anything like this) and it can be proven. For instance, my family knows.
Since he gained this information by hacking, what are my options? I am afraid that my mistake will over-shadow the way in which he obtained this information.

Hi Janna,

This is very common in divorce proceedings. One spouse or ex-spouse hacks the others accounts for information. What you need to do is file a police report as soon as possible (today would be good) for the crime of "Unauthorized access to a e-mail account". Then send that police report to your attorney and tell him that your husband is trying to introduce illegally obtained materials into the proceedings. Your attorney should then send a copy of the report over to your husbands attorney. The police will then investigate your husband and if they are able to show he did it (which is very simple)the he could be facing criminal charges. Also this should make anything he obtained "tainted fruits" and not admissible in court.

But you have to file that police report and get that report number to your attorney.

Hope this helps.

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