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Hi there, I'm I'm the middle of a nasty custody and access proceeding and just learned that my ex-husband accessed my Facebook account without my consent via my 8 year old daughter's iPod touch (my Facebook account had unfortunately still been "logged in") and then proceeded to take 32 pages of screenshots of my PRIVATE messages on Facebook with various friends in an attempt to tarnish my reputation in court. He shared this with his lawyer (without my consent, of course) who in turn passed this data along unwittingly to the other litigators involved in this case.
I'm in Canada, and I haven't found a lot of information about this but feel fairly confident that not only is what he did truly illegal, but that his lawyer (whom I feel doesn't even know these were private messages, NOT public timeline posts) is also liable for sharing all of this material as well.
Can you help at all?
I should note that none of the material was criminal in nature; more personal discussions he clearly did not enjoy reading but were never intended for anyone to read but the intended audience I was conversing with at the time.  They, too, upon learning of this breach are upset that THEIR private conversations have now become fodder for discussion.
Hoping you can help.

Hi there,

You should contact the RCMP and report an "unauthorized access to a computer/ Network". Thats a fancy name for getting into someones account without permission, its also illegal. Once you report the occurrence, your ex may end up being charged, and any materials he gained is considered "poison fruits" for court purposes and cannot be used in any legal proceeding.

You also may have a separate civil case against him and may use this as a bargaining chip in your custody battle. Also your friends who's privacy was violated may also have a civil case against him.

Check with your lawyer of course, but I would file the police report at the least to use that as a tool if needed. How would it look for him to go into court and present documents that were found during the commission of a crime? Not good for him.

Let me know how it goes.

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