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QUESTION: Hi, 18 months ago, I sold my business. For six years prior to the sale of the business I had a business and personal email account using the name of the business. Post sale, it was changed. Any emails that came to the old email address were forwarded to my new email address. The new owners in an apparent effort to prevent me from accessing evidence from my old account deleted my old email address from the web based supplier without my consent. Do I have any recourse?

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ANSWER: Good Morning,

I do not see any violation of the law here. They did not delete the account if I am reading correctly, only removed it from a suppliers data base. That would be normal in the course of conducting business of the type you had I am guessing. I do not see where this would be any violation of Obstructing Justice or Invasion of your privacy, sorry. I do not see any recourse on your end.

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QUESTION: I evidently did not make my question clear.  They did in fact delete the entire account without my permission or notifying me.

OK I understand that. You refer to evidence on your old account, evidence of what? And the web based supplier your talking about, was that related to the business? And your saying they deleted it from the data base, not that they deleted the account itself. You still have the e-mail account right? Just not access to the supplier data base, and that was something through the business I am guessing is that right? If so then they would have the right to remove that account from the data base as a regular part of the business, since your no longer part of it. Correct me if I am wrong or explain it more please so I have the complete picture.

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